Explosive Ordnance Disposal

Weapons are still an underestimated threat in Germany. There are still thousands of explosive devices from both world wars in our soils and waters.

Always remember: Soil risk is owner risk!

With our support, you play it safe, because the construction risks and cost increases due to possible construction freezes or even accidents as well as personal liability in the event of damage can be avoided.

We declare war on construction hazards!

We take up the fight against the building hazards for you with a competent team of engineers, geophysicists, geoscientists and fireworkers (§20 license holder),

• through careful, case-by-case advice and planning in all phases (from research to sounding and clearing to approval),

• with historical investigations of the possible weaponry loads and evaluations

• the preparation of exploratory clearing concepts, service descriptions and lists (GAEB format) as well as cost and risk assessments,

• the use of alternative probing and clearing methods and combinations as well

• local construction supervision and support.

Explosive ordnance clearance on the high seas (Article by Dr.-Ing.Dieter Weth)

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