Are you planning any type of construction?

Any construction, whether on On- or Offshore, must ensure that no hidden unexploded Ordnance or contamination of soil or groundwater endanger the process and the safety of construction.

With our many years of experience, we support you in all necessary preparatory work and in the implementation.

Company profile

Who are we?

We are a team of civil engineers, geophysicists, geoscientists and EOD experts.

Dr. Weth ist Ihr verantwortlicher und flexibler Partner mit Hands-on-Mentalität in folgenden Bereichen:

  • Fachliche Beratung
  • Studien, technische Konzepte, Räumkonzepte und Gefährdungsabschätzungen
  • Ausschreibungsunterlagen / Kostenschätzungen / Unterstützung bei der Auftragsvergabe
  • Local construction supervision
    • Safety and health coordination
    • Evaluation of geophysical, geochemical and geological data

Our development

  • 1991 – 2002Projektleiter der fachtechnischen Beratung der OFD Hannover als Leitbaudienststelle des Bundes für Boden- und Grundwasserschutz und für Kampfmittelräumung

  • Since 2002Consulting Engineer - Chamber of Engineers Lower Saxony EL-No.: 2116

  • 2002 - 2012Sole proprietorship: Dr. Weth

  • Since 2005Engineering advice on ordnance clearance

  • 2012/2013Gründung der Dr. Weth Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH und Zulassung gem. §7 SprengG


Explosive Ordnance Disposal

For the safe execution of construction projects, every builder bears a special risk from residual ammunition and unexploded ordnance in the ground. Because the search and evacuation of ordnance often leads to annoying and expensive delays or construction stops and additions to the construction companies. With our support, you are on the safe side and construction risks and cost increases due to possible construction stops or even accidents as well as personal liability in the event of damage can be avoided.

We declare war on construction hazards!

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Soil and groundwater protection

Do you want to change the use of your property and have problems with contaminated sites? Contaminated sites or contaminated building structures often stand in the way of conversion or the sale of land.

Starting with the recording and initial assessment of contaminations of the soil, groundwater or the building substance, through the necessary preparatory work for technical explorations to the preparation of remedial concepts, we support you in all phases of contaminated site processing. With our many years of experience, we create risk assessments and cost estimates and accompany the construction work on site.

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GWO-Training unserer Mitarbeiter gefördert durch die Europäische Union.

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