Technical advice

Development of exploration and clearing concepts

The clearing concept examines possible solutions for the defined clearing goal and plans the clearing measure. In particular, the possible clearing procedures are examined in particular taking technical, economic and time aspects into account. Location factors, ordnance-related factors and legal factors are taken into account.

Development of the basis for the tender for the commercial services of the clearing measures

On the basis of the clearance concept, service descriptions, specifications with cost costs and all other documents are prepared, which are the basis for the tendering of the commercial services of the clearing measures. The basis for the tendering of the commercial services of the evacuation measures is based on the work aids for the economic exploration, planning and evacuation of unexploded Ordnance on federal (AH KMR) properties of the Federal Ministry of Transport, Construction and Urban Development and the Federal Ministry of Defence.

We support you in the awarding of commercial Explosive Ordnance Disposal by the factual, technical and mathematical examination of the received tenders and also in bidding discussions.